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Master Matthew Han


Han's World Class Taekwondo Academy has been dedicated to cultivating young minds and growing youth since 1992. Grandmaster Kyeong Han, a 7th Degree Black Belt, has developed a successful program that involves teaching kids disciplinary actions and self-defense.​​​​​​

Taekwondo is a highly regarded type of martial arts that focuses on teaching kids to respect their elders and themselves. Our program insists on teaching kids to develop self-confidence and respect to grow into nurturing minds that motivate others. Our numerous black belts have grown into young adults that focus on developing their mind and body while also volunteering to help out other future black belts.​

  • 3rd Class International Marsters Licence 

  • Certification from Kukkiwon

  • 3rd Class International Marsters Examiners

  • License Certification from Kukkiwon

  • Oregon State Champion & Representative 2013

  • Black Belt Kyorooki (Sparring)

  • Black Belt Poomse (Forms)

  • Black Belt Div, Board Break (1st)

  • Demo Team Captain & Champion 2014

  • Former CA, State Jr. Olympic Champion​

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