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Coaches & Instructors

Bradley Stamper

Coach, Instructor & Staff

Instructor Bradley is a registered USAT and World Taekwondo level coach. He has competed in a number of state level competitions and qualified in Poomsae for the 2017 USAT National Championship!

  • Joined Taekwondo in 2011

  • 1st degree Black Belt: 2014

  • 2nd degree Black Belt: 2019

  • 3rd degree Black Belt

  • Head Coach of the HWCTA Competition Team

  • Washington State Poomsae Champion: 2017, 2018, 2019

  • Demo Team Caption: 2016-Present

  • Demo Team Champion: 2017-2019

  • Teaching classes: 2015-Present

Randy Baker

Instructor & Staff

Mr. Randy is one of our instructors. His classes focus on development of both the mind and body. Mr. Randy focuses on his leadership skills, motivational speaking, and class participation through new and unique techniques and activities. After he got his black belt, it was only a year before he showed he can handle leading classes and he was able to take over some of the classes.

  • Started with HWCTA: Fall 2018

  • Tested for 1st Degree Black Belt: Fall 2020

  • Started Leading: Fall 2020

  • Lead Instructor: Summer 2021


Irene Chavez R.

Coach, Instructor & Manager

Ms. Irene started leading early in her Taekwondo career, even before she got her Black Belt. She focuses on 4-6 year old Tiny Tigers and all ages Level 4. She leads by example motivates HWCTA members to be the best version of themselves by using positivity!

  • Started Taekwondo journey at age 7 

  • 1st place for Poomsae 2007 

  • 1st Place for Board Breaking 2007

  • Joined HWCTA in 2019

  • 1st Degree Black Belt: February 2022

  • Poomsae Team Captain: August 2022

  • Bronze Medal for Poomsae: October 2022 

  • Assistant Coach: November 2022

  • Poomsae Coach: May 2023

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